Days before, I saw an enlightenment address from the movie, Good Night, and Good Luck.
The main point of Edward R. Murrows’s saying is that people often emphasize on ideas and information in order to attract people’s attention to their importance. But today, few people are interested in domestic and international politics or education, more and more people, even the journalists, all focus on celebrities’ gossip. Not many TV stations report issues relating to the public. Even though they do, it doesn’t always remain too long and we often cannot see the following-up report. Why? Because it isn’t interesting to the public. It seems the only function of TV is to entertain and escape from the life pressure. If this is true, the TV’s inventor would be sad at seeing its usage today. Murrow mentioned that as long as media workers would like to engage in using TV to inspire and illuminate their audience, people can determine to use it towards those ends.
All the members of media industry should see this movie, especially the last part, Murrow’s speech. After watching, I discovered that we almost forget the real meaning of media’s existence. If it is true that TV’s existence can educate the population, but it also target to give us meaningless reports? I believe the movie can inspire media workers more educational responsibilities.  

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