I have been learning flamenco for a long time.  Sometimes flamenco dancers dance with palillo, a musical instrument performed by fingers.  I am interested in palillo because of a show which performed mainly with it, so I have been learning it since.  And my palillo teacher is Carmen.
To me, Carmen is a very strict flamenco teacher.  She often points out my bad habits while practicing.  In her opinion, it takes ten years to cultivate a good habit, but only three days to form a bad habit.  For example, the correct way to play palillo is to use fingers one by one to tick, but I always slide my fingers to make juncture.
According to lots of students in Mi-Fuego dancing studio, her dancing posture is the most beautiful.  However, not every student has the courage to attend her class.  Once you fail to meet her standards, she will shout at you on sight in the classroom.  I don’t dare to join her dancing class.
Even so, my attitude towards flamenco is changed by her teaching.  I disappointed her many times, but I expect I can dance as well as she does one day.

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