The book, The mind of Billy Milligan, is a true story about a man, Billy, who committed felonies but at the end was released because he was diagnosed with multiple personality disorder. This story mainly talks about the process of his commitment and the condition of his personalities at the offense; and how the psychologists helped him to recover from the disorder.
Billy was arrested without really knowing he had multiple personality disorder. There were more than ten personalities in him, but each of them minded their own business. Billy himself had never been aware of their existence which made Billy’s memory separate so that public considered his testimony false. We were talking to Billy himself, but in fact, it might have been Arthur, then 10 minutes later it might turn to be Adalana or any other characters. Those personalities played alternatively all the time in Billy’s mind.
Undergoing psychologists’ cure, those personalities learned how to know each other and made their best to integrate because integration could develop Billy a sound mind and helped his recovery. However, there were still many doctors, nurse, and politicians did not believe in multiple personality disorder, so it had faced difficulties to cure a patient like Billy which was a time-consuming task. But Billy and the psychologists overcame those problems and he had enough ability to control himself then.
It is an amazing book since I am surprised at the characters in a patient with their own names. In addition, each personality is individual. They not only have names, but also gender, age, and nationality. Before reading this book, I always thought that multiple personality disorder patients still know who they are while their illness attacks. But by Billy’s story, I learn more than I had known in psychology. 

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